About this blog

I’ve lived with the symptoms of endometriosis for around 7 years, although I only received a diagnosis around a year ago. Since then, I’ve been trying to get to grip with what exactly this condition means and how I can help my symptoms, but have struggled with finding information. I’m aware that the symptoms of endometriosis are very personal and can vary greatly from woman to woman. However, I’d like to use this blog to talk, try to gather clear-cut information on the causes, symptoms and treatments available to endometriosis sufferers and maybe bitch about life with endo just a little. It would be really awesome if this made even one person feel a little better.

The main topics I hope to cover are methods of reducing the symptoms of endo, useful recipes and any endo-friendly diet tips I can find, inspirational stories, and some stories of my own.

I hope you find the posts useful.


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